So I am going to try growing some sweet potatoes this year.  From what I’ve read, there are a few ways to get your sweet potatoes going.  I decided to try the old school method of dunking a sweet potato into water and holding it up with sticks.  Any of you try this out in elementary school?

After keeping these little guys by the heater this is what I got after waiting a month and a half– the beginning of a bunch of sweet potato vines.  From what I understand each of these vines will be a plant that produces an abundance of new little guys underneath the ground when planted.  I don’t know if you can notice this in this picture, but the leaf from the red tuber and the yellow tuber are totally different.  The red tuber, by the way, is the one that grocery stores commonly refer to as “yams”.  Even though they are not yams.

A more efficient method (maybe a method I’ll use next year on a larger scale) is to put the sweet potatoes in soil, again keeping them warm and cozy, until they sprout vines that you can replant.  I can’t wait to see how they do on the farm!

For now, my sweet potatoes serve the role of centrepiece on the kitchen table.

Sweet Potato Vine

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