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Welcome to New Mountain Garlic

Farmer Mike Nyberg, formerly of New Mountain Farm, has been saving seed and doting over his garlic for over a decade with varietals selected from different regions of Asia and Europe.

Certified organic since 2011, we are proud to share the story, flavours, and garlic legacy with you.

How We Grow

Discover the story of how we began saving seed and growing incredibly flavourful varietals originating from Asia and Europe.  

We also share important tips on growing your own!

Our Varieties

Learn more about the over 21 varieties of garlic that we've grown, harvested & tested for flavour. We're sure you'll find a bulb that will become your new favorite.

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What we Grow

Our garlic fields are a mixture of hardneck & softneck varietals. Learn more about the differences below.

Hardneck Allium

Sativum Ophioscorodon

There are many varieties of hardneck garlic. This group of garlic has a woody stem and the plant sends out a scape, which is the flower of the plant.  If you leave the scape to flower it will form bulbils.  If you cut off the scape (which is a delectable addition to many cuisines) the plant will send its energy back down to form a larger bulb.  If you want to increase your garlic collection and are ready to put in the years, you can let the plant produce a scape and collect the bulbils to grow out for additional seed.

Softneck Allium

Sativum Sativum

There are fewer families of this type of garlic. However it is the most commonly found garlic in grocery stores due to its capacity to grow large and its tendency to store well when cured properly.  This type of garlic is much easier to make into decorative braids and mostly does not form a scape.



Our Varieties

For every distinctive taste we have a garlic varietal to match! New varietals are being added to our shop daily. Keep checking back to see when your favorite will be ready to ship.



Season: Early

Flavour Profile: mild when raw and uncured. It is great in dips and salad dressings for this reason. Heat increases with age and curing. 10-12 cloves/bulb

This is a type of softneck garlic that has a long storage life and has been known to produce large bulbs.  It gets its name due to the formation of cloves that resemble the way an artichoke has layers.  It is suitable for braiding, but make sure you harvest it while the tops are still green. If you wait too long to harvest, the skins covering the bulb in the ground will begin to decay.  It does not produce scapes, which if you are growing a lot can be a good thing if you don’t have the time or a market for taking the scapes off. 

Varietals we grow:

  • Inchelium Red
  • Susanville
  • Kettle River Giant

Glazed Purple Stripe

Season: Early

Flavour Profile: full bodied flavour that lasts and sweetens when baked. It has approximately 8-10 distinct cloves per bulb.

This hardneck is an early maturing and impressive group of garlic due to its bold and vibrant purple colour with what appears to be a glaze or silver sheen on their skins.  They have a small stature in your garden or field, but each clove sure does pack a punch! They have thin papers covering their cloves and thus perform well when curing during more humid climatic conditions.  They tend to mature just a little bit before the porcelains.   They originate from the Republic of Georgia.

Varietals we grow:

  • Purple Glazer

Marbled Purple Stripe

Season: Mid-late season

Flavour Profile: Averaging 5-7 large cloves, this hardneck garlic packs a spicy punch when eaten raw, but when cooked it has a sweet and nutty flavour.

Similar to the Porcelains in that it grows tall and they have impressive colouring, but it is a little later than its closely related cousin to mature.  The bulbs are known for getting large and having thick, easy to peel skins that store quite well.  They are definitely the most popular in the Pacific Northwest.

Varietals we grow:

  • Kostyn's Russian Red
  • Purple Russian
  • Metechi
  • John's Original
  • Tzar Leningrad


Season: Mid-season

Flavour Profile: With the strongest, hot and long lasting flavour, 4-8 cloves/bulb, they are a popular family, with lots of varietal options. Big, juicy double loop scapes! So get ready to pickle and pesto your heart out.

This group of hardneck garlics has one of the best storage capabilities ranging from 6-8 months.  The colours range from a creamy white to lightly tan with the occasional subtle blushing of pink.  They are beautiful both in the field with their remarkable tall stature and cured in your drying shed.  

Varietals we grow:

  • Yugoslavian
  • Susan Delefield
  • Fish Lake #3
  • Majestic
  • Great Northern
  • Romanian Red
  • Apple*
  • Ray’s Special*

Standard Purple Stripe

Season: Late season

Flavour Profile: One of the sweetest varieties to bake, you will think someone added honey to it! A most important addition to any charcuterie board. 8-10 cloves per bulb.

One of the oldest known horticultural groups in the garlic family, it is a must have in your garlic collection!  It is said that all known true garlic varieties root back to this particular group of garlic.  This group of garlic has been cultivated for thousands of years and its descendants came to be as it spread through the ages in Asia and then Europe.  This is one of our favourites because it has pretty much everything you want in a garlic: stores really well, high number of cloves per bulb, reliable and consistent and a beauty with a nice strong flavour.

Varietals we grow:

  • Chesnok Red
  • Persian Star


Season: Mid-late season

Flavour Profile: The heat of this group varies widely between varieties, but is never overbearing.  Best tasting in our books with a buttery consistency when baked. On average it has about 8-10 cloves/ bulb, but they are not always uniform. 

A hardneck garlic that has a relatively short storage life, due to its thick easy to peel skins.  This isn’t the best variety to grow in our West coast climate, because it prefers a colder winter and less moisture.  We have it in our collection, because it has a most rich and complex flavour profile that you can’t forget.  For this reason it is often sought after by gourmet chefs.

Varietals we grow:

  • German Red
  • Spanish Roja
  • Czech


Season: Early

Flavour Profile: The heat profile in this group of garlic is on the mild to warm side but taste-wise it is on the wild side. It is specifically known for its immaculate musky flavour. 

Each bulb may have anywhere from 6-12 cloves.  The beauty of this garlic is awe-inspiring with deep amaranth-pink papers on the cloves.  The variety we carry, Rose de Lautrec, could be any combination of 4 creole cultivars from a designated area in the region of Lautrec, France. The name Rose de Lautrec is a copyrighted name.

Varietals we grow:

  • Rose de Lautrec


Season: Early

Flavour Profile: The heat profile in this group of garlic is high. So for those that enjoy a good kick in the pants then this is the one for you.  It is also the earliest to maturity, which makes it a fantastic choice for garlic lovers that just can’t wait. 

A weakly bolting hardneck, the scape is often straight with little to no curve.  Turbans usually have 5-7 plump cloves that form around a center that may or may not have a scape, but all of the varieties we grow do.  The umbel of most Turban garlics looks like a turban, squat and hat-like.  

Varietals we grow:

  • Deep Purple
  • Thai


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