Four weekends ago, 15 really awesome people volunteered to pull out nearly 3000 lbs of potatoes with shovels and a wagon.  I don’t know what we would have done without their help, because it was a really hard job and it was a really hot day! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that participated in the harvest- we are indebted to you.

A field emptied of potatoes.

Over three days we pulled, sorted, bagged, crated, washed and stored away nearly 3000 lbs of potatoes, which seems like a lot, but already the poundage is dwindling!  Nearly 1/3 of this went towards Earth Apple Farm’s delightful share members, which they picked up a few weeks ago.

Sorting out the bad apples.
This little trooper feel asleep in a nice shady pile of potato sacks later in the day.

Meanwhile the Coquitlam FarmersMarket Society’s Pocket Markets have been purchasing crates each week for their gigs.  What a great program this is, check it out:

And finally, I’m super excited to announce that I am preparing for my very first stall at a Vancouver Farmers Market!  For the next 3 Saturdays (9am to 2pm) in October look for us at the Trout Lake Market:  We’ll have all four varieties of potato…and also: two varieties of sweet potatoes, sunchokes, sugar pumpkins, squash, and jack o’lanterns!

Sacks of potatoes!

I love the energy of autumn- celebrate with Earth Apple Farm!









I’ll be posting recipes here on the homepage for the next couple months in hopes of inspiring pomme de terre cuisine– especially to all you EAF share members with serious amounts of potatoes on your hands. I’m discovering just how many recipe books there are out there that focus on potatoes!

From Harvest to Thanksgiving to Halloween– October is a busy month!

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