Community Shared Agriculture



We believe that Community Shared Agriculture applies between farmers and consumers, but also amongst and between farmers.  We are tight with our local farming community and have forged partnerships with other organic farms to better serve local communities healthy, organic, delicious produce with strong values and commitments towards stewarding the land we live and work on with ecological consciousness and an acknowledgement of the fact that we do this on unceded First Nation land.  

Sign up for your share of weekly certified organic produce!

Its 2023 folks and we are ready to grow you some veggies! Sign up now for our Glen Valley Greens Box (6 weeks May into June), Main Season Box (24 weeks June through November) and our fruit share option.

We live and farm at Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-op and as such have partnered with Close to Home Organics who also live and farm on this beautiful 50 acre property. We have also partnered with the awesome farmers at Snowy Mountain Organics in Cawston, BC for their incredible assortment of fruit.

By collaborating we are able to ensure diverse variety and a great quality box of produce through the different seasons of the year.


Visit the Glen Valley Organic Farm CSA website to learn more and sign up:

What is Community Shared Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a type of farm program that recognizes the importance of the relationship between producer and consumer and is based on the understanding that operating a small-scale sustainable farm is a community-oriented endeavour.  Both farmer and consumer share responsibility in both the benefits (fresh, local, healthy and ethically grown produce) and risks (bad weather, illness, pests) that are inherently involved in the practice of organic farming.  The consumer traditionally gives the farmer one easy payment early in the year (although we offer payment plans) when the biggest expenses (leases, seed, fertilizer, equipment maintenance/repair, rentals, tilling, etc.) are incurred by the farmer and the CSA member benefits from a weekly supply of the freshest and tastiest produce throughout the growing season.

We’ve heard over and over again from CSA members that they love this program, because it encourages a well-rounded diet full of vegetables, encourages them to be creative and often leads to more socializing with friends so they can share the bounty and show off their new culinary skills!  Please note that the CSA is not a bulk buyers club, however get on our list to hear updates about bulk buying opportunities (tomatoes, blueberries, pickling cucumbers, potatoes).

We have learned over the years that farmers are better at what they do when they work together. After all, agriculture's roots are based in communities of folks helping each other out and trading with one another to diversify their product bases.  We all want increased benefits for our members and a stronger foundation from which to do that- by cooperating with one another we have that advantage.  Thus Earth Apple Organic Farm, Close to Home Organics and Snowy Mountain Organics are forging ties and working with a model that we believe will benefit everyone.  Please join us in this circle of delicious potential!

Seasonal Availability

May-June:  Peas/ Spinach/ Salad Greens/ Green Garlic/ Green Onions/  Kale/ Radish/ Salad Turnips/ Choi/ Green Garlic/ Rhubarb/ Kohlrabi/Nettles/Baby Carrots

July-August: New Potatoes/ Blueberries/ Beans/ Spinach/ Salad Greens/ Beets/ Carrots/ Garlic Scapes/ Green Onions/ Kale/ Radish/ Tomato/ Cucumber/ Sweet Peppers/ Eggplant/ Summer Squash/ Broccoli/ Cabbage/ Basil/ Cilantro/ Parsley/ Sweet Corn/ Fennel Bulb

September-October: Potatoes/ Garlic/ Carrots/ Cabbage/ Beans/  Spinach/ Lettuce/ Beets/ Carrots/ Leeks/ Onions/ Kale/ Radish/ Tomato/ Cucumber/ Sweet Peppers/ Broccoli/ Cauliflower/Rutabaga/ Summer Squash/ Winter Squash/ Cabbage/ Parsley

October-November: Potatoes/ Garlic/ Onions/ Carrots/ Beets/ Cabbage/ Baby greens/ Kale/ Radish/ Turnip/ Rutabaga/ Broccoli/ Winter Squash/ Brussel Sprouts/ Cilantro/

*Please note that some vegetables are in season for a long periods of time, such as summer squash, kale, tomatoes and potatoes. Thus you will see them in you box multiple times. Be ready to find creative and delicious ways to keep your recipes and meal ideas fresh and fun!